There are many opportunities here at Capabilities for volunteers.
Please call us at 845-627-0627 or email for more information or if you want to volunteer for any of the activities below.


Consumer Advisory Council
Members of our consumer advisory council help plan volunteer programs, activities and special projects. They also provide valuable insight to the Capabilities staff on expressed consumer needs.

Health Fair Activities
Capabilities participates in health fairs throughout the lower Hudson Valley. Fairs are often held on weekends. Prior to the fair, assistance is needed stamping educational materials at the West Nyack office. On the day of the fair, help is needed to set up the exhibition booth, man it, and dismantle it.

HOPE Mentor Program
This program was created to allow people who live with epilepsy to educate others about epilepsy and share their experiences. You must be willing to come to the West Nyack office for several days of training, and do self-study at home with an epilepsy training module. Once certified as a HOPE mentor, you will give presentations about epilepsy to community groups, including schools, civic organizations, hospitals and other groups who have requested a speaker. The majority of requested presentations are Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Kids-on-the-Block Puppets
Capabilities uses Kids on the Block puppets during presentations to school children, as well as at special events held in libraries and at fairs. You will receive training in how to use these delightful puppets to make learning about epilepsy fun. You will also be given a self-study guide about epilepsy, so you will be able to answer audience questions about epilepsy during puppet presentations.

Office Assistance
Capabilities' quarterly newsletter and annual report need to be mailed each time they are published. Assistance with inserts, folding, and label placement is needed. This activity takes place in our West Nyack office.

Bowling BallCapabilities holds Bowl-A-Thon fundraisers in which interested individuals and local businesses compete for donated prizes. You may help by getting local businesses involved, procuring prizes, manning the registration booth, selling raffle tickets, and generally promoting the Bowl-A-Thon within the community.

Golf TournamentBowling Ball
Capabilities holds an annual Golf Tournament. You may help by getting local businesses involved, manning the registration booth, and generally promoting the tournament within the community.


Partner-To-Partner Telephone Network
PhoneThis network is comprised of parents, family members and individuals who are available for each other by phone for mutual support. These confidential calls are made on an as needed basis, but may also be done on a planned semi-regular schedule.

NOTE: We do ask that all prospective volunteers fill out our application form.

We are of course committed to ensuring your privacy. Please read our privacy policy.

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