Capabilities Partnership, Inc.'s focus is providing services to individuals in the lower Hudson Valley region with epilepsy, traumatic brain injury and other developmental disabilities.

Our goal is to improve one's quality of life and assist in reaching each person's optimal level of independence. Our services are provided in one's own home and within their community.

Capabilities Partnership Inc. provides programs and services under the auspices of various New York State Agencies:

OPWDD – Office for People with Developmental Disabilities

CPI contacts – Kali Fiore at, Erin Drury at or Lisa Fiore at

Family Support Program - Kali Fiore
Employment Training Program (ETP) - Lisa Fiore
Supported Employment Program (SEMP) - Lisa Fiore
Family Empowerment Fund - Kali Fiore
Education and Training - Erin Drury
LifeLinks – Social Skills Training - Erin Drury

Department of Health’s Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program

CPI contacts – Caroline Negersmith at or Erin Drury at

Service Coorination
Structured Day Program
Counseling and Independent Living Skills Training

ACCES-VR - Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR)

CPI contact – Lisa Fiore at

Supported Employment
Job Placement Services
Work Readiness Services
Assessment Services

All these programs are governed by the respective agencies and have their own eligibility requirements.  For more information about our Agency and our services please see the CPI Agency Brochure.

Below are additional details on some of these programs however, more information may be obtained by emailing the CPI contact listed above. 

Family Support – This program assists eligible families by providing case management, advocacy, support, information and referral and eligibility services. In addition help navigating the various government offered social services may be available.

Family Empowerment Fund – Eligible families are provided financial support to assist with temporary financial difficulties.  To apply, please submit your application as instructed.  Family Empowerment Application

Education and Training – The Education Department of CPI provides a wide variety of services aimed at communicating knowledge of epilepsy in a manner that is easily accessible to everyone.  Our training includes up-to-date information with videos, PowerPoint and handouts on recognizing a seizure and appropriate first aid. Please see Training on Seizure First Aid and our Training Available from CPI.

Life Links – This is workshop based training sessions aimed at increasing independence and improving job readiness through development of social and life skills.

Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program – Eligible individuals with a traumatic brain injury are provided such services as service coordination, counseling and a structured day program. Service Coordination includes the development of a service plan detailing services available to the individual, assistance in coordinating medical and other appointments, and helping finding necessary resources in the community.  Our Structured Day Program (SDP), located in our West Nyack office, provides participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful life activities with the goal of increasing social skills and self-esteem.  Specific goals include community integration, academics, health and safety training, computer skills and cooking/household skills. Please see our SDP Brochure.

Vocational Services - Competitive and Supportive Employment programs prepare, support and assist potential employees with epilepsy and other disabilities to secure community employment. In addition, CPI provides employers with a competent, reliable workforce.  CPI staff assist participants in achieving their vocational goals and maintaining success and stability in the workforce.  Specifics include skill assessment, resume and cover letter development, interview skills training, job search assistance, on-site coaching, and counseling.  Please see CPI Vocational Services Brochure and CPI Vocational Services for Youth Brochure.

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